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Lean UX

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“Lean UX is where prototyping shines”

– Jeff Gothelf, UX Designer & Author of Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience

In the software development world, Lean UX is a word we’ve been hearing more and more over the past year. So what is it?

Inspired by Agile and Lean development theories, Lean UX is all about bringing projects to fruition faster and focusing on the actual experience that’s being designed for the users of the end deliverable.   LUXr1 outlined the 10 principles of successful lean product teams as:

  1. Design + Product Management + Development = 1 team
  2. Externalize!
  3. Goal-driven & outcome-focused
  4. Repeatable & routinized
  5. FLOW: think -> make -> check
  6. Focus on solving the right problem
  7. Generate many options
  8. Decide quickly what to pursue & hold decisions lightly
  9. Recognize hypotheses & validate them
  10. Research with users is the best source of information & inspiration

The methodology is catching on – organizations such as PayPal, LivingSocial, and Intuit are finding they can innovate and bring concepts to market much faster, and generally with fewer costs. So is there a tool that can help organizations quickly adopt and adapt to a Lean UX process?  Jeff Gothelf, UX designer and Lean UX advocate, says, “Sketching, presenting, critiquing, researching, testing, prototyping, even wireframing – these all get a solid workout in each cycle of the process. The trick is to use these tools when appropriate and, more importantly, to use them at the depth appropriate for the immediate problem you’re trying to solve for the business.”[1]

There are several prototyping options to support project simulation from simple sketching and flowcharting, to basic prototyping, to high-fidelity visualizations.  The critical point is to incorporate “visual” collaboration in order to support the “one lean team” concept and enable efficient iterations that result in the best deliverable with a great user experience.

iRise, is an advocate of Lean UX and our enterprise platform  enables teams to practice Lean UX with real-time collaboration. Our visualizations provide teams the flexibility to quickly iterate “visually” with options to simulate all your creativity as realistically as needed so that the user experience can always be tested.

To learn more about Lean UX, attend our Meetup: Lean Startup Techniques for Innovation with Josh Seiden on March 25 in NYC. Come hear about how these techniques are being used for enterprise innovation, and how managers are adapting the approach for the unique challenges faced in the enterprise.


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