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Tackling Project Manager Challenges: #4 Lack of Project Visibility

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This entry is continuing our 10-part series, Tackling Project Manager Challenges, outlining the top 10 challenges for Project Managers and how iRise can help.

The most successful projects are those that have executive sponsorship, but maintaining project visibility at the executive level can be challenging. This is especially true when executives don’t have a solid understanding of the process that happens between defining project scope and developing the application.  Risks to the project increase as development progresses because executives are unable to see and interact with a tangible application early in the process. Without this contact they are unable to communicate feedback before the project is too far along. How often have executive sponsors felt that they clearly outlined their goals only to become frustrated with the outcome?

iRise partner id8 clearly recognized the lack of project visibility early on when working with a well-known cosmetics retailer on its ecommerce storefront update.  With a cool, hip brand and goals of providing a better online experience id8’s client stakeholders’ were stressed. They had to get this right! What id8 faced was a large team with many stakeholders all with opinions and expectations.  The solution?  Create a high-fidelity, functional simulation that could be put into the hands of stakeholders for actual testing and interaction.  iRise provided the platform for a simulation so realistic that it allowed stakeholders to test-drive the new site prior to development. With this, they were able to get executive approval all before coding even began. Today, the final website looks and works exactly like the visualization that came before it! 

With iRise visualizations, projects have proven to gain greater end-to-end visibility, which ultimately accelerates time to market and reduces costs.

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