Prototyping, requirements, and diagrams. All in one.

Product managers, business analysts and interaction designers all use iRise to collaborate seamlessly on requirements, diagrams and prototypes so nothing falls through the cracks

The Most Powerful & Flexible Prototyping Tool Available. Period.

If you’re looking to prototype desktop, mobile or even wearable apps, iRise can take you from idea to amazing.

• Assemble interactive mockups in seconds

• Animation tools give unlimited potential

• Data and functionality widgets take you where others can’t

• Wow them with mobile and Apple watch simulations

• Mobile gestures, onscreen or on device, make the experience real

A Platform Built on Secure, Real-Time Collaboration, and it Shows…

Building software is a team sport. We provide the tools to allow a team of any size and location to collaborate effectively.

• Work as a team, and see changes in real time

• Publish and share instantly online or offline

• Enterprise-level security, so your data is safe

• Company-wide administration – give the right access

• Collaborate in a secure cloud-based infrastructure

Requirements for the Modern Age.
Interactive & In-context.

Capture, document and validate requirements the right way, by combining text requirements and prototyping together so you can experience it before you build it.

• Capture requirements and specifications for each screen and UI element directly within the prototype

• Start threaded conversations

• Integrate with the leading ALM tools

• Create interactive user flows, process diagrams, and use cases

• Instant documentation for customized requirements docs

Integrate iRise Seamlessly into your Unique Toolset.

Unlock the full potential of your team and the tools they use.  iRise new seamless integrations connect the iRise platform with the leading ALM tools.  This bi-directional synchronization of artifacts helps to ensure that the entire team – project management, definition, development and testing –  is focused on the right features.  The process dramatically improves productivity and collaboration. iRise integrations include:

If your team is using any of these tools, they should also be using iRise!

Our global professional services team will help you educate, innovate, and drive long-term success

We have worked with many of the most respected companies around the globe – from AT&T to Unilever – to help them maximize iRise success. With innovation workshops, adoption planning, program management, training, and team augmentation, the iRise Professional Services team is a critical partner that will help maximize your investment in iRise.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

We have plans for individual users, teams, small business, and enterprises.

iRise Feature Snapshots

Working prototypes. No Code.

The drag-and-drop builder makes it extremely easy for business users to build their own mockups, wireframes, and prototypes. Bring your requirements and designs to life, quickly and easily.

Lo-fi to Jaw-dropping Hi-fi

You pick the fidelity level: lo-fi wireframes, hot-spot driven prototypes with more fidelity and interaction, or hi-fi apps with data and logic and can mirror the final application you intend to build. We don’t put limits on the needs or your team!

Interactions and Animations

Add navigation, media, rich interactions, business logic, and data – it’s only when people actually interact with a prototype that you uncover design flaws, requirements gaps, and usability issues.

Real data and logic

A wide range of data operations to create prototypes that behave like a real application. Validate a login attempt, search a catalog, process an order, calculate a total, and more…all without a line of code.

Global custom asset libraries

Assemble prototypes from a large collection of templates, media, icons, branded UI elements, interactive widgets, and more. You can also customize these libraries to suit your needs or create your own.

Mobile & Apple Watch

Create realistic simulations of smartphone, tablet, and Apple Watch apps that act like the real thing using a full library of mobile UI controls. Run them directly on the iPhone or iPad with our free mobile app.

User flows, diagrams, and more

Create interactive business process flows, use cases, and other diagrams that people will understand and remember. By bringing your diagrams to life, stakeholders can follow the story you’re trying to tell.

Requirements “in-context”

Interactive prototypes are essential for validating requirements, but they don’t tell the whole story. That’s why iRise allows you to map out user flows and document requirements for every screen and UI element.

Online Review & Feedback

Share projects securely with team members, colleagues, and clients. Stakeholders can comment directly on requirements, screens, and individual UI elements so you get the feedback you need.

Real-time Global Collaboration

Designed from the ground up to support secure, global collaboration. Distributed teams can work on the same project at the same time, each seeing one another’s updates live.

Advanced, custom metrics

Definition Intelligence™ analytics provide insight into important process, engagement, and compliance metrics, allowing you to better manage the requirements and design process.

Instant Documentation

Share projects securely with team members, colleagues, and clients. Stakeholders can comment directly on requirements, screens, and individual UI elements so you get the feedback you need.

See iRise in Action

Watch this recent webinar and see the latest release of iRise, with all-new integrations, configurable requirement attributes, and faster prototyping for desktop & mobile devices.

Proven benefits

At many of the biggest and best companies in the world, we’ve produced amazing results.  Using iRise teams can identify and resolve issues early, virtually eliminating rework, cutting delivery times in half, and reducing overall application development costs by 20% to 50%.

iRise’s requirements definition and prototyping platform helps teams define, communicate, and validate requirements in a visual and interactive way that’s dramatically more effective and efficient than traditional requirements methods.

Slash requirements time in half
When you use prototyping to communicate, stakeholders engage and provide the right feedback.

Reduce rework up to 75%
Collaborative prototyping helps you find missed requirements and design issues early.

Cut overall project costs up to 30%
Clear requirements and validated prototypes accelerate every stage of application development.

Unilever:  Willem Eelman, former Global CIO of Unilever, talks about reducing rework by 50% and project costs by 20%.

Emerson Network Power:  Learn how iRise impacted the Agile based software development lifecycle at Emerson Network Power.

First American:  First American CIO Larry Godec on how iRise cut rework by 70% while greatly improving usability.