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Build Better Software in Less Time

Successful software development depends on effective communication across a diverse set of stakeholders. Too many teams still rely on static documents, diagrams, and click-through prototypes. But for today's rich, interactive applications, these deliverables just aren't enough.

Use iRise to create incredibly realistic simulations of web, desktop and mobile applications that stakeholders can actually use and test - all before writing a single line of code. From simulations to testing to functional specs to code generation, successful teams use iRise as the central communication platform to drive all phases of the software development lifecycle - from concept to launch.

You can fix it on the drawing board with an eraser or you can fix it on the site with a sledgehammer. -- Frank Lloyd Wright
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Create simulations that stakeholders can test

Collaborate in real-time with all project stakeholders

Integrate iRise into your development process

People, process & technology - not just technology

Static documents and wireframes just aren't enough. Use iRise to create working simulations of web, desktop, and mobile applications quickly, without writing code. It's only when people interact with a simulation that you uncover design flaws, requirements errors, and usability issues. Whether you're creating a new application or enhancing an existing one, use iRise simulations to engage all stakeholders throughout the SDLC.

Designing and developing software is a team sport. That's why iRise has been designed from the ground up to support secure, real-time collaboration. It's critical that every stakeholder in the development process - from concept to launch - share a common understanding. With the iRise platform, teams of 5 or 500 can collaborate, share, review, and provide accurate feedback online from anywhere in the world.

Whether your process is Scrum, Lean, Rational, or traditional Waterfall, good requirements and clear communication throughout the software development lifecycle is essential for success. iRise integrates directly with major requirements management and ALM platforms, including IBM Rational, Caliber, HP Quality Center, and Jira. The iRise platform also provides an open API so you can integrate iRise into your specific environment.

Maximize your investment by thinking beyond the technology. We partner with our customers to address the people, process, and technology needs of your organization. We have extensive experience helping businesses large and small overcome organizational barriers and adopt new ways of working. Our approach combines change management with technology implementation to ensure customer success.

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